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Algorithms to watch and nudge sleepy drivers via wsav

Dutch luxury bus company Royal Beuk BV is outfitting vacation bus lines with a system designed by Australian company Seeing Machines that monitors whether a driver is becoming drowsy.

It uses infrared light and a camera to register eye movements to see whether a driver’s gaze is distracted from the road for too long, or if he is blinking progressively more slowly - signs he may be close to nodding off.

If the system’s software algorithms determine there’s a problem, it will first sound an alarm for the driver. Further alarms will pull in human assistance or intervention

"What we see is that drivers learn very quickly not to be distracted from the road," Ken Kroeger, the CEO of Seeing Machines, said in a telephone interview. "However, you can’t train someone to not be tired."

Mercedes and Volvo have both introduced automobile systems that measure drowsiness by analyzing steering wheel movements, while Ford uses cameras to check whether a car is drifting out of its lane.

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